Auto Detailers in Kansas City Explain Proper Car Care For Wheels

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If there’s one thing that will have a undesirable effect on the car’s appearance, it really is dingy wheels. But when you want to genuinely make a car get noticed, ensure the wheels stay clean and the tires are a deep black.

Would you like to keep your car’s wheels looking cleaned? Let’s talk about a few of the do’s and don’t to automobile wheel detailing. When it comes to getting the vehicle wheels to look their very best, here are a few cool suggestions that we want to share with you.

Citrus based cleaners are the best. That’s right. A good automotive detailing citrus style wheel cleaner should work amazing. In fact, the right citrus cleaner will work amazingly for cleaning bugs and tar from your paint as well as removing nasty brake dust from your rims. It will take more work than just using acid-based but it’s absolutely worth it.

Be willing to invest more time and money detailing your wheels using the correct products and techniques so that your wheels will look great now and for years to come. You can even take your car’s wheels a step further by exfoliating and applying a synthetic wax on them.

Want to be able to shine up and clean your rims by simply pressure washing them off the next time around? Applying wheel sealant will help to do just that. It is like a wax but for your wheels. You will be very impressed with the results.

Your tires are the painless part. The key part of detailing a tire is to get it completely cleaned up while using the citrus degreaser. The moment the tires are nice and dry, apply the tire shine. It truly is that simple

Now it is time to get the car’s wheels to stick out even more and have a good background. Make sure that the wheel wells are cleaned out really well with citrus cleaner, a scrub brush and a pressure washer or garden hose. Spraying some tire dressing in the wheel well after it has been completely cleaned will create a beautiful dark background for a car’s tires and wheels.

If you need anymore info on how to maintain your wheels, feel free to get ahold of us. We primarily are a Kansas City car detailing business but, we would love to help you find a good shop if you live in another city or state. Feel free to reach out!

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