Auto Detailing in Kansas City: Advice On Wheel Cleaning

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Looks like you want to keep your rims look their finest – How do you take action? Is there a couple of tricks and tips to creating the perfect wheel every single time? Yes and no. There are a few does and don’ts that you need to learn about rims and wheel cleaning.

Any high-end or professional auto detailing shop should tell you that using acid wheel cleaner is a very bad idea. Though acid based cleaners are cheap and will get a rim clean very well in a short period of time, it is not worth the potential short-term and the definite long-term damage.

Use citrus wheel cleaner. Simple enough. Acid is very bad and harsh while citrus is strong and safe to use. There are a few really good citrus wheel cleaners out there. You should always use the least severe means to accomplish each and every task during the auto detailing process.

As opposed to acid cleaners, the citrus product is an effective and safe product used by auto detailing companies. Citrus based degreasers are generally going to work well and have no long-term disadvantages. Know that it will take some effort to find the right citrus cleaner but it is worth the effort. You will probably also find it challenging to find an auto detailing shop in Kansas City that will use these types of cleaners.

Would you like to save time on your following detail? Would you like to be able to basically pressure rinse all off the brake dust every time the wheels need shinned up? Applying wheel sealant will help to do just that. A wheel sealant acts the same way that a standard wax does to protect a car’s paint. You will be very impressed with the results.

Getting tires to look their best is hands down the easiest part of the whole process. Make sure to clean everything off of your tires, let them dry completely, and then use an applicator to apply a dressing that delivers your desire of either gloss, semi-gloss, or the new tire look.

Wheel wells are the background of a car’s wheels and tires. To really make a set of wheels and tires to look amazing you need a good background. Cleaning out the wheel wells and then applying a good tire dressing is the auto detailing secret to making a car really pop. This trick will help to make your wheels really stick out.

Though we serve auto detailing in Kansas City, it would be a great pleasure of ours to help you find a detailer in your area. If you have any questions at all, go ahead and ask away.

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