Auto Detailing Your Motor Vehicle Inside

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Buying your own car is a huge financial investment. Hence, it is very necessary to provide proper auto detailing to correctly maintain it and ensure that all parts have been in tip-top shape.

One common mistake that drivers commit though is to focus their maintenance care on the outside of and completely neglecting the interior of your vehicle. But detailing the interior is so simple that you can do it yourself in your own home; hence, saving you potentially 1000s of dollars from not hiring a professional to get it done on your behalf.

DIY Interior Auto Detailing

Car detailing is a simple procedure that requires no previous skill or expert knowledge. However, you need to follow proper instructions when doing your own interior auto detailing to ensure that the job is done correctly.

You need to start by gathering the tools and equipments you need to make the job easier. For your own benefit, come up with a checklist for all the essential tools you need before getting started to save yourself from hassle and obtain the job done easily. The list of basic tools you’ll need are outlined below.

After you have the tools you need for the detailing job, then you definitely must follow the step by step procedure (also outlined below) to offer the same professional detailing results without the staggering costs.

Gathering Your Tools and Equipments

Most of the equipments or tools you have to perform this job are available in all your family members. Hence, there is no need to purchase them unless necessary or not readily available. The complete list of equipments you need are listed below:

* vacuum * carpet shampoo and shampooer * window cleaner * brush * microfiber towels * leather cleaner * detail spray, etc.

Step-by-step Procedure

To get you started, you have to remove all loose particles in the vehicle’s compartment. Make sure it is free off any litter or foreign substances left out, such as empty plastic bottles or cups, cigarette ashes, or any form of garbage. Once you have removed all visible litters, you’ll be able to take off the floor mat to start cleaning out the interior.

Use detail spray to clean out the ashtray on your vehicle. If you will find any unpleasant odors left out, then you must use deodorizer. Use a compressor or microfiber cloth to get rid of any build up of dust or air, especially in the air vents.

Then, power on your vacuum to ensure meticulous cleaning process and remove dust particles or other minute objects that aren’t easily visible to the naked eyes. Vacuum all parts of the vehicle’s interior – from the seats, seat cracks, headliner, floor, door panels, cup holders, etc.

In cleaning the seat covers and floor mats, be sure to remove it and wash them back separately using water and shampoo (or detergent). Once you have completely washed the car interior compartments, then you can put them back on for you to enjoy a seemingly brand new car interior.

Word of Warning

You must know that detailing is another form of maintenance care. Hence, this must not be done one-time only but on a regular basis to ensure that you can retain the same quality and search for your car’s interior as though it were brand new. However, interior auto detailing should be given equal priority while you would when caring for your exterior. In the end, you will benefit from it because you will enjoy comfort and longevity out of your vehicle.

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