Auto Shipping Companies – Do Your Research and Avoid Surprises

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With the price of gas, oil, mechanical repairs and maintenance, driving your car yourself over long stretches of road is not the best solution to get you both to the new destination. Hence, the burgeoning of the auto shipping industry, both domestic and international. Do not, I repeat, do not choose the first company in the phone book and do no further investigation. Shipping your car is not like shipping a small package.

Research the auto shipping companies with utmost detail and care, particularly if your car is more than a means of transportation to you. If that precious hunk of metal is a vintage, classic, rare or just plain adored friend to you, you do not want to entrust it to a total stranger. You must thoroughly check into several companies to find the one best suited to you. Following are some steps to take to help you on your way.

You want a reliable, quality company and the best way to find one is to start with your local Better Business Bureau (BBB). This agency will help you find a local and reliable auto transportation company. The BBB has customer testimonials, reviews, stories and complaints on many of the businesses under your consideration. You can also obtain information on how issues were resolved and if any preventive measures have been implemented to keep them from happening again.

If you have a network of friends and co-workers you might find out from them if they know of anyone who has shipped their car either successfully or unsuccessfully and go from there. Along with that, call up some local car dealers and auto parts establishments and see who they use and recommend. These are just baby steps. Let’s move right along to the more specialized resources to assist in your search.

Researching auto shipping companies is a well known cumbersome task. There are services outside of the actual shipping businesses that lead you down the right path and help you demystify the process. Services such as Transport Reviews can point you to rankings, ratings and brokerage reviews from a non-prejudicial source. Firms like Transport Reviews also oversee agencies that monitor the auto shipping companies to make sure they are fair and honest in dealing with customers and other businesses in the industry. You will also find some very useful insider information within these agencies to aid in your decision making.

You will also want to look into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to take advantage of a database of company descriptions and other material relevant to American motor carriers. This can give you a background into the current status of licensing and insurance of the registered companies offering driving assistance of all types. The FMCSA is monitored by the United States Department of Transportation, a group dedicated to ensuring that large trucks and auto shippers meet safety standards and have won their approval to travel the American highways and byways.

If this article has motivated you to ship your car with due diligence and has convinced you it’s not like mailing a letter, it has served its purpose. Your friend, your automobile, deserves to be handled with utmost consideration and care to arrive at journey’s end in the same condition as when it began its voyage.

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