Automotive Repair-When to Replace the All Important Cooling System of your Vehicle

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One of the main components in the operation of your automobile is the cooling system. Although made to last a while, the water pump isn’t made to last forever. When mileage gets to the upper figures in the hundred thousand marker, it’s time to replace it. The cooling of the car depends on the coolant the water pump send through. When the pump dies, so will your car. How to check the cooling system.

This is extremely simple. Place a large, white, absorbant piece of paper under your car at night. If it is wet, that’s a sign that your water pump may be leaking. It is definitely coolant if it is green.

What to do if your water pump is leaking:

With the engine turned off, open the hood of your vehicle. There is a pullet connected to the pump. If you find all of the belts in the vehicle, there is more than just one pulley. Other parts of the vehicle use a pulley to operate like the alternator and maybe the air conditioner. Power steering and a smog pump will also have pulleys. A mechanic can show you the right one.

Now that you’ve found the pulley, check if it’s loose. Grasp the pulley at opposing ends and check to see if you can easily move it around by rocking it back and forth. If it has play, you will hear the bearing which is not good. When you’re running your engine it will probably sound like a grinding noise that has a low-pitch.

The water pump is situated in back of the pulley and you can look for a coolant leak. The pump may be working but may need something as simple as a gasket to prevent the leaking. Unless you just replaced it, you may want a new water pump. Other components: The heat of the summer means that your coolant system needs to be working optimally. Preform routine flushes of the radiator. The coolant in the vehicle was not intended to stay in there forever. Repairing damaged radiators is way more expensive than flushing it once a year.

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