Avoiding Car Accidents

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Many people think that driving defensively is the same thing as driving safely but they are actually quite different. Driving safely means obeying basic rules such as following the speed limit, stopping once the light turns red and not drinking when driving. Driving defensively involves being proactive and anticipating the behaviors and reactions of others around you. It also means being more proactive and taking action before disaster hits. Dave Sinclair Used Cars St Louis specializes in affordable cars in MO.

One principle of defensive driving is to let another driver have the right of way if they insist on it; even if you got there first. It’s more important to focus on the big picture (getting home safely) instead of on winning the battle of “who gets to go first”. Some drivers are simply jerks and will refuse to obey traffic laws no matter what. It’s not worth it to get involved in a case of road rage over something so minor.

It is also important to be prepared for the unexpected. This means that anything could go wrong at any time. Just because the light turns green on your end doesn’t mean that someone may not run a red light at the last minute. Therefore, always look right and left before you hit the accelerator, even if the light is green. Expect that other drivers will make errors.

Make sure that others can see you by turning on your headlights once it rains, fogs or gets dark. Let other drivers know of your intention by using your signal lights before making a lane change or a turn. Stay out of the way of cars who dart in and out of traffic and constantly change lanes. Ford Dealer Fort Worth offers Fort Worth residents good deals on quality Ford autos.

It’s also a good idea not to change lanes too often unless if it’s to avoid a tailgater or to create space around your car. Accidents are more likely to occur when you dart in and out of lanes, especially given the fact that many other drivers are not using their blinkers when making lane changes. Defensive driving may sound like a bit more work but it’s worth it to keep safe.

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