Avoiding stressing out over car repairs

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When our car breaks, we just want it fixed, but we also just want it fixed by the right person who’s going to do the right job at a decent price. With car mechanics have a horrendous reputation for cheating the public, this can make for a hugely stressful experience. Having your car off the road is stressful enough with our busy lives, but stressing over which mechanic to choose can be a nightmare.

It does help to know that no one expects you to be an expert on cars. Mechanics are professionals and they are paid for their expertise and skill. You are good at whatever you do, so don’t feel stressed about the fact that you are entering into uncharted territory.

People have different reasons for choosing a garage. Some people do prefer a brand name they can trust, because they feel that the service will be consistent, while others insist the best service is from the guy down the road. Word of mouth carries more weight than anything. In some towns, the big chain may be great, in other towns, it could be notoriously bad. How can you tell if the guy in the small little one horse operation has a messy waiting room because he is lazy, or because he is simply too busy to bother with it because he’s that good?

One trick that many people have fallen prey to is of course being told they need a new part, when they don’t. This happens because mechanics can then sell you a new part, and then take your old part and sell it on and make a good profit on it. It is a good idea to just ask them to show you the part they are going to replace so they cannot just spirit it away claiming it was worn out when it wasn’t. This happens a lot with break disks.

Although it can be reassuring to think that if they look after their bathroom, they’ll look after your car, it may not be the full picture. Some guys working on their own simply are never going to be great at keeping the bathroom clean. If they can afford to pay someone front of house to keep things nice and look after customers, great, but it does not promise good service.

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