Canon EOS 60D – A Nice Improvement From Canon

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Canon is currently the market leader in dSLR digital camera. It is well-known for being a high quality reliable camera maker in both dSLR and point and shoot market. Lately, it has released the new Canon EOS 60D 18.0 Mega pixel dSLR Camera, which is planned to replace the actual highly popular Canon EOS 50D. Canon EOS 60D is positioned in between the Eos 550d 7D (professional digital slr camera) as well as EOS 550D (less-professional digital slr camera). Right now photo aficionados will have to choose whether or not they might upgrade using their EOS 50D towards the new Cannon 60D. In order to answer this question, let’s compare some of the main distinction between the above (to make it reasonable, we will see at each superiority over the other).

In favor of Canon 60D

Canon 60D has higher megapixel (18MP versus 15MP). Although both of them are capable of producing top quality images, EOS 60D will perform usually better in higher ISO.
60D offers wireless flash activating, which is not available in 50D. This feature let you bring about multiple away camera sensations at various output amounts.
Full HD Video is one of the main differentiator in between those two. Lately, people talk a lot about media convergence (such as the devices included). As such, a dSLR digital camera without Complete HD Video is simply unforgivable for many of us.
Cannon 60D is lighter in weight than its predecessor. The primary material is combination of light weight aluminum and polycarbonate instead of magnesium alloy used by 50D. As the result, it’s more convenient to carry around 60D instead of 50D
Multi-coating process applied to the LCD screen in 60D provides you clear view-in, even underneath the bright sunlight.In favor of Canon 50D

Canon EOS 60D is currently offered a measly $30 more expensive than the older design
Although barely noticeable (except for professional photographers and in certain conditions), EOS 50D has much better continuous shooting speed (Six.3 fps vs Five.3 fps).Conclusion: Canon EOS 60D is a nice enhancement from Cannon. If you’re looking for your first dSLR digital camera, you should go for Canon EOS 60D, period. Most importantly, why can you go for a three-year old camera for the first purchase? It’s also quite recommended to upgrade your old EOS 50D to EOS 60D. The main reason is the technologies behind it. Although it can always working nicely at the moment, each year or so, you’d find it totally outdated.

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