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What became on of the “Big Three” automakers – Chrysler started in 1908, when a man named Walter P. Chrysler took part in a car show in Chicago. He was in his early thirties and was working then for a railway company. His interest in cars drove him to buy a white locomobile model which he could hardly afford. He borrowed a lot of money, just so he could purchase the car, and was indebted to many. He made many innovations and changes with his Locomobile before learning how to drive it.

His passion for automobiles progressed to the point that it became his mainstay and focus after just a four years time period He worked for two automobile companies, namely: Buick & General Motors (G.M.).At first, his position in Buick was a production manager. Through his dedication to his job and hard work, he, later, became president of the company. For General Motors, Mr. Chrysler held the position of general manager in a certain department. This helped him gain him more knowledge and skills in the field of automobiles. Hence it’s a sad day for America that its very pioneering enterprises, built with blood and guts have been laid so low by foreign (copycat) competition. Yet the domestic US auto industry is on the rebound – due to no small part American ingenuity and foresight General Motors was then the auto industry world-wide giant automaker with the greatest resources and auto volume. G.M.’s greatest asset was its styling of its vehicles. Yet we take changes in the global economy for granted in 2012. Yet it was not always that way. Yet Chrysler as well as G.M. are on the comeback. Count on it and the domestic US & Canadian auto industries.

In 1934, the company released its new brand, called Airflow. The Airflow’s design was too different, and even radical, from other cars developed at this time. Hence it was a setback for the company when the product just did not sync and click to car buyers’ preferences and styling wishes. It was a setback for the company. During the Great Depression, the company managed to survive despite very low sales. They developed military vehicles for the government during the Second World War and resumed making cars after. Airflows are highly collectible by those wishing to restore classic cars & pieces of vintage Americana. There are many resources online dealing with this classic piece of historic American auto design. For example click here. Alternatively you can check on youtube for screen shots. Note you may need an update to a more current version of Adobe flash for your computer operating system to view the YouTube videos properly and perhaps as the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer , Firefox , Google Chrome or perhaps if you prefer Macintosh computers- Safari.

In 1951, Chrysler released its very own design, the Hemi V8 engine. It offered the latest technology in the industry during that time. Over the years, Chrysler has always been ahead in technological advancement in vehicular performance and efficiency. This was Chrysler’s trump card in developing high grade cars in huge quantities.

As time goes by, Chrysler, whether it is on top or sometimes at the bottom, there is a company that will always do its best to produce more and better quality cars. Time, surely, has made the brand stronger than ever.

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