Consumer Reports Has Various Opinions On Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid cars have been an increasingly popular item lately, and the easiest way to understand them is by reading consumer reports. There are quite a few hybrid cars available now so you should get more information than what is provided by the manufacturer. A hybrid vehicle is one that makes use of two engines to control it, one that is a traditional gas powered engine, while the other uses a rechargeable battery. Details from the producer is quite possibly not as reliable as you would like so it is important to get other opinions.

Once you first start out doing your research, it is fine to visit the car maker’s website to get the specs and options but to learn more about the car, you will need to go elsewhere. If you visit consumer reports, you are more likely to get the honest ins and outs of the hybrid vehicles. In accordance with consumer reports, around 94% of Toyota Prius owners that were surveyed enjoyed their cars and most hybrid cars in general are pretty reliable. The in depth results of their conclusions for each of the different models makes it easy for consumers to figure out which car is right for them. Consumer reports do not always go along with other opinions, such as critical reports of the hybrid car by automobile specialists. These analysts consider the hybrid cars to be flamboyant because of the use of two engines to do the same job.

You’ll find consumer reports posts that show that the gas powered engine gets a boost from the electrical engine. It also shows that the electric motor helps the car burn less fuel. Most professionals are convinced that people who are buying hybrids are paying too much money considering they aren’t getting that much better gas mileage than some of the other economy cars. In one example, you can get yourself a Honda Civic Hybrid for $21,000 getting 36 miles per gallon, while you can get a Honda Civic EX for $18,500 with 29 miles per gallon. The results demonstrated that it would take a consumer 21 years in fuel savings, to make up for the added cost of the hybrid, excluding any tax break.

If people are planning on buying a hybrid car, consumer reports do serve as a healthy guide. They do considerable testing on the various cars to ensure safety and quality but ultimately you will be the one who decides. Consumer reports will either advocate or not recommend a car with very good facts to back it up but the decision is ultimately the consumers. In certain situations, a number of hybrid cars are advocated while others believe they are a waste of money. There are actually those who say one particular model is better than the other while another report has the opposite answer.

Consumer reports are what they are, which are reports by consumers, and that is the reason they vary in opinions so much. You need to take them for what they are, and come up with your own viewpoint.

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