Curb Guard And Benefits Of Installation

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With winter snowfalls impeding the visibility of road sidewalks getting out the shovel to sweep away snow that has built up along the curb is one way of clearing snow from the curb. Other faster methods make use of snow ploughs which run the plough across the snow filled area and remove it at lightening speed. There are precautions though you may want to consider and that is the use of a curb guard.

Snow tends to compact itself in the very corners where the street meets the sidewalk. To get up close and personal so to speak with the aid of a snowplough becomes tricky. By adding this add on you can now bring the plough into close contact and make contact with the concrete and asphalt without doing your vehicle any damage.

Some flip over ploughs have curb guards that fit around the entire outer area for complete protection. The attachments are to prevent any damage occuring to the plough should the plough make contact with a solid object such as the concrete of the road or sidewalk.

As the snowplough moves closer towards the sidewalk and makes contact with it, the material the guard is made of flexes backwards causing no damage to the metal part of the snowplough as well as no damage to the concrete sidewalk.

These deflectors are available in differing sizes and are developed according to the dimensions of a particular snowplough. Types include such as those that are attached only to the corners and others that are attached to the entire length of the underside of the unit. When the rubbery plastic material makes contact with a hard surface it bends backwards protecting the metal part from damage. This enables the driver to lower the plough with ease in knowing that he will not do damage to the plough itself.

The driver of the vehicle wants to be able to work quickly and efficiently without interruption from any unforseen objects that may be hidden under the snow. Without having one of these products attached he or she will work a lot slower in taking care as not to damage the blade and working parts of the hydraulics. It is noticeable with snow removing vehicles how efficiently each one handles the job they are required to do. Having a curb guard attached will advisably make the job a whole lot easier to complete.

Fitment of these units is basic if you are mechanically inclined. If not have your handyman do it for you or let a certified installer do the job for you. Installation and assembly requires you to bore precision holes through the steel and then bolt the deflector guards in place. Precision and alignment must be adhered to here as if the installation is out of alignment and does not run exactly parallel with the bottom and sides of the metal, it may cause bending and eventually breakages.

Another type of curb guard you may want to consider installing especially in snowy weather are those that are attached to the rims of the wheels of your motor vehicle. This gives added protection to the rims themselves and should an incident occur where your vehicle hits the curb, a slight collision may put the wheel alignment out of sync. It would act as a preventative measure should you wish to install.

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