Curb Guard And Benefits Of Installation

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With winter snowfalls impeding the visibility of road sidewalks getting out the shovel to sweep away snow that has built up along the curb is one way of clearing snow from the curb. Other faster methods make use of snow ploughs which run the plough across the snow filled area and remove it at lightening speed. There are precautions though you may want to consider and that is the use of a curb guard.

This item offers drivers added peace of mind that they are not going to damage the plough itself. With a curb guard attached drivers can work faster in clearing away compacted snow and buildup against the street walkways. These guards come in various shapes and sizes with their corresponding functionality. There are those that are attached to the corner and side parts of the plough and those that run along the entire length.

The way to do this is to purchase this attachment. Various sizes are available to fit the particular dimensions you need. Prices vary and may range depending on the size plough you have from as little as $80 to $400. What this saves you in the long run in case you do damage to your plough is immeasurable.

The product is made from a thermoplastic rubber which is designed and manufactured to withstand rough handling. Frictional forces that build up when the vehicle is in use can raise the temperature of the material and it is for this reason that they are designed especially to maintain their integrity when in use and when making contact with hard surfaces such as asphalt and cement.

Guards come in various sizes and functionalities. There are those that have two attachments that are attached to either side of the metal pusher. Then there is the type that protects the whole part of the underside and sides of the plough. This type runs across the length of the underside of the metal and up the sides. In this way the underpart of the blade is protected when lowering and moving snow from the road surface.

Not only do they protect the machinery itself but they offer peace of mind to the driver behind the wheel. Drivers who are removing snow can now come within closer range of the sidewalk without fear of pushing up against the concrete thereby damaging the machinery including the sidewalk and incurring the expense of these errors. It is a fact we disregard but this emotional factor is important to take into consideration when efficiency of the work involved needs to be completed quickly.

Fitment of these units is basic if you are mechanically inclined. If not have your handyman do it for you or let a certified installer do the job for you. Installation and assembly requires you to bore precision holes through the steel and then bolt the deflector guards in place. Precision and alignment must be adhered to here as if the installation is out of alignment and does not run exactly parallel with the bottom and sides of the metal, it may cause bending and eventually breakages.

A curb guard may be attached to the rims of the wheels of your car. When snows are heavy, visibility of the sidewalk is minimal and it is often the case that your tyres make contact with it. This can throw the alignment of your wheels out and it is a good preventative measure to have these installed in order to avoid this unforseen cost.

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