Discussing The Advantages Of Hybrid Cars

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We know that a hybrid vehicle is good for the environment and makes you look like a progressive-thinking person to your neighbors. But what, pray tell, is a hybrid in its truest form? Is it an ordinary gas-powered car, does it run on electric power, or can it run on both? How do you charge the battery if it’s electric? No way, man, that’s too big for an electric car, my folks will kill me! And how, or why does it help the environment? Here’s a brief guide to the hybrid car to answer all these questions and concerns.

Distinguishing Hybrids

A hybrid car uses at least two power sources, thus the name. Most hybrid cars are powered by a combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. And there are three main classifications of hybrid cars – mild, full and plug-in.

Mild hybrid vehicles rely heavily on the internal combustion engine to power the car. The electric motor would be more of an additional source of electric power than anything else. You can use the electric motor to fully control a full hybrid. This wouldn’t happen too often, as the electric motor can only be used exclusively if less power is required. Most of the time both engine and motor would work in tandem. A Plug-in is a similar to other hybrids but with a much larger battery. It will be your option whether to use a charging station or to charge the battery at home. In this case, the internal combustion engine is more of a backup engine, meaning this type of hybrid would be the most fuel-efficient.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Car

Most people who buy a hybrid car are impressed with the fuel economy of the models offered today. You pay less for gasoline and travel much longer distances given this common scenario. However, it is the environmentally friendly among us whose ears perk up the most when hybrids are discussed – because they emit much less pollutants than other cars. The numbers don’t lie, because hybrid cars can produce 80% less toxic and harmful gas when compared to standard vehicles. Vehicles, after all, produce greenhouse gases more than most other sources of this deadly form of gas.

It is widely believed that a build up greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming. Due to global warning, we experience worse hurricanes at a much higher rate, and have to suffer through erratic weather. Greenhouse gases are responsible for another thing – damaging our ozone later and making us more susceptible to UV rays, increasing chances of skin cancer. So by investing in a hybrid, you will enjoy the benefits of a fuel-efficient vehicle that will save you money while you help save the earth.

As a final word of advice, most hybrids are compact cars. Unusually tall or wide people will have a hard time fitting inside a hybrid car and feeling comfortable. This could make it harder to drive safely. And regardless of the car you drive, safety is very, very important. But even if more and more people are buying hybrids, there’s one thing you need to do before anything else – research. There are new hybrids on the market everyday. Who knows, you might find an SUV hybrid more amenable to your tastes.

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