Distinctive Forms of Car Covers

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It may be a surprising fact that not all car covers are made the same. There are varieties of covers that are made to cater to the requirements of different cars. Having the wrong type of cover can result in significant damage to the tires, paint, hubcaps or even the interior of the car. The four different types of covers are discussed below:

Indoor covers are basic covers used on cars. These are the most popular as well as the most inexpensive among all, and because of that many people use it for all purposes. However, this cover is only effective when your car is parked in a garage or covered area. You might also think about why the car should be covered when it is parked indoors. The answer is simple; the chemicals and dust in the air can cause paint damage and rust on the car body.

Outdoor covers, as the name implies, work for cars parked outside without shelter. The basic cover is usually made of three layers, which is good enough for normal conditions. These offer protection against the sun and its ultraviolet rays as well as rain. If you are living in a place where the weather conditions get extreme though, you’ll need better weather protection features in a car cover.

An extra layer of waterproofing on fabric helps a cover protect a car against water damage. Other additives make the cover soft. A quality cover offers four layers of protection against the elements, including heavy winds. Go for softer materials so stiff and abrasive materials don’t scratch up the paint. Also, make sure the cover has enough weight to keep it from blowing away in a strong gust of wind.

Lastly, the sun-proof cover is also waterproof, but the UV protection element is a bit increased than in covers that are just waterproof. The weight of the cover is lighter because the car needs to have breathing space during hot seasons. Having a sun-proof cover of high quality will protect the exterior of the car as well as the interior, as many materials in car interiors tends to get damaged when exposed to direct sunlight.

After going over the types of covers available, it seems the cover for your car should be appropriate to the weather in your area as well as other environmental conditions. Damage prevention is important as a car is a big investment and you definitely do not want any unnecessary losses in value.

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