Don’t Let Winter Season Weather Catch You and Your Car Unaware – Take Action Now

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Many more people today spend their youth riding in various vehicles and are very excited to learn how to drive and then eventually buy their own car or truck. The majority of them aren’t taught anything about maintaining the car, except watching it go to a mechanics once in a while. Some fellas take automotive class in school, so that they know what should be done, but they are the minority. Though some men may study car maintenance in school, this is not usually the case. You will get to keep your vehicle for many years when you do some basic maintenance on it regularly. Especially if you live in a place where the weather in the wintertime turns cold, which can be bad for your cars and trucks.

Your tires need to be correctly inflated constantly, but this is especially vital during colder weather. As well as helping you avoid flat tires, you will get much better gas mileage when your tires are properly inflated. It is such an easy thing to check out the tires and fill them up as soon as they are low. One other simple task it is possible to perform is to at all times keep your fuel tank at least one quarter of the way full. This really is more important throughout the winter, because there is the chance of the fuel lines freezing, particularly on older cars. Newer cars have a reduced risk, yet still it’s not much fun to run out of gas during a snowstorm.

In advance of chillier weather, you should determine whether or not your vehicle’s cooling system is ready to go. The coolant should be flushed every year and changed out to keep your car running at optimum efficiency. Malfunctions that come about because of engine problems are typically the result of a failing cooling system and the repairs can be very costly. You should add antifreeze in a 50/50 ratio together with water and test it with an antifreeze ball tester. By doing this you can be checking on a regular basis to see if the concentrations are remaining constant, so you can add some antifreeze whenever it is needed. The windshield washer fluid must be filled up with the proper winter fluid, because the windshield gets rather dirty in winter driving.

Examine the battery, especially if it’s older, and determine if or not it can last during the winter. Keep the terminal posts free of corrosion, so that the car is going to start easier. A battery’s life expectancy can be significantly less in locations with very harsh winters. It is far from a terrible idea to have a pair of jumper cables on hand in the event your battery dies. Change your motor oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and be sure to use the proper weight of oil. Change out the wiper blades whenever they demand it.

When road conditions are snowy, you need tires that provide adequate traction, ie. snow tires, and these should be installed prior to the snowstorm. It is essential to make arrangements for cold weather so stock your car with supplies such as blankets, extra food, and a shovel.

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