Fifth Wheel Trailer Can Work Well For The Physically Challenged

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Whether you or your traveling companion is physically challenged, you will be pleased to know that there is a fifth wheel trailer that can fit your RVing needs. You can modify your fifth wheel trailer or buy a new or used fifth wheel trailer that is already modified and continue your life on the road.

Fifth wheel trailer adaptations just for wheelchairs

One fifth wheel trailer wheelchair modifications is to add a special restraint system. There are also safety belts for those in fifth wheel trailer that can be placed in the unit for those with physical disabilities. The straps are placed in the fifth wheel trailer and used to stabilize the chair. These straps will support the wheelchair and ensure that the rider remains safe when traveling in the fifth wheel trailer.

You can also modify the travel trailer 5th wheel by adding an elevator lift to help with the chair be raised and lowered to the ground. If you choose to add a used elevator lift for the chair on your own with a mechanic, make sure the RV mechanic is knowledgeable and approves the apparatus.

Other options with technology and aids for physical disability RVers

You will quickly find that there are several options to traveling in a motorhome with a disability. First, there is an accelerator made for the left foot. There are other technological accelerators available, along with a variety of brake controls that can be tailored. If you are quadriplegic, try out the systems and controls that are touch pad. Look at power head rests, too. You want your RV experience to be enjoyable, as well as easy and safe.

Structural modifications for the RV

1. You may be able to widen the travel trailer doors so moving within the cabin is safe. There are also roll-in showers that are available on the market for you to purchase and install.

2. It is possible to lower the sinks and countertops for wheelchair accessibility.

3. When you lower sinks to make sure someone in a wheelchair can reach the faucets and counters.

4. Another good idea is to install a panic button or buttons throughout the recreational vehicle or 5th wheeler in case someone is stuck in a troublesome situation all alone.

Can I lower costs when converting my RV?

There are ways to keep costs low as you moderate your RV. First, make sure you have a reputable company helping you convert. Research those that are experts in the field. If you like your RV dealership, then ask them for recommendations. You may also see if the recreational vehicle dealership has a used motorhome that is already converted for sale.

Do I modify my RV or do I not?

Think about modifications to your RV, especially if you love living your life on the road. Just because you or your traveling companion have become or are disabled, does not mean you cannot travel as a fulltimer. You may be a first time RV prospect, if so, no worries. You, too, can live a life on the road.

Julie Jacobs loves fifth wheel trailer RVs and writing about them. If you do too, read more at

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