Five Things You Need To Know When Buying A Boat Trailer

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A boat trailer is more than just something that provides you a means to transport your boat around. The main purpose, of course, would be to store the boat conveniently, but it can also allow you to go on the road and see new places. Good trailers must perform both duties equally as good.

The trailer is often an afterthought when people buy a brand new boat for themselves. They can always get a trailer on the cheap anyway. But choosing the right trailer can help you enjoy your boating experience – here are five tips to help you out.

Go for larger diameter tires and wheels. Tires with a larger diameter don’t rotate as much as smaller ones on a per-mile basis, reducing wear and tear. Also, the wheel bearings wouldn’t rotate too often per mile, making them last longer just like the tires.

Make sure the total weight of the boat does not move past the middle range of what the trailer can carry. This includes the boat, gear and motor – don’t buy a 2,500 lb capacity trailer if your boat is in the 2,300-2,500 range.

Your new trailer must match the purpose you had purchased your boat for. If you plan to launch in salt water, you’ll need a trailer for that purpose. Different trailers have different purposes, so don’t assume they are all the same. Just make sure to buy a trailer that is made out of Teflexon, or 100% friction-free plastic to reduce the chances of damage.

You should look for trailers with “drive on” capabilities. As the name implies, drive on trailers would let you drive the boat right onto the trailer, making it easier to winch the boat up.

Select trailer lights (for the highway) that are protected and sealed against water.

Although most are protected against weather and rust, you should always pick the one designed for the type of terrain you will be using your boat with. You can be more confident your trailer will be doing everything it should be doing. Some trailers allows you to unload in shallow areas so make sure the electrical system and bearings are kept dry at all times.

There are some trailers that include a spare tire, which is an excellent investment for those who plan to travel long distances. Even though it can be hard to find trailer tires in the dark, it’s still great to have a spare if you get a flat while you travel. And finally, you have to make sure your new trailer (or used one) has some sort of warranty – most of the newer ones and some used trailers have a manufacturers performance warranty.

All in all, a boat trailer can save you a lot of time and money in the long term if you invest in a good quality trailer. You can store your boat on your trailer when it isn’t be used, even take it to other lakes or oceans. Simply put, a good trailer must be easy to maintain and able to meet most, if not all of your needs – get one and it could take you and your boat places.

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