Ford Escape: The First Hybrid Made In North America

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Believe it or not, the first crossbreed car that was produced in America was the Ford Escape. It was actually scheduled to be launched in 2003, but the public release didn’t happen until 2004. It was then, and is still now, a totally hybrid electric vehicle, and it can run using an electric motor, or with gasoline, or with both. Ford designed the Escape to possess a good balance between efficiency and fuel economy. For every 15,000 miles it creates less than one pound of smog-forming pollutants, which is significantly less than light truck average of 105 pounds, and average cars of 67 pounds.

The SUV was the most popular type of vehicle at the time in the U.S. so it was natural for Ford to make the first hybrid an SUV. This Ford hybrid was essentially created to look like any other SUV so it doesn’t really stand out. There was virtually no unfavorable reception to it like the Honda Insight. The gas mileage and performance of the Ford Escape turned out to be excellent in the eyes of American consumers. The gasoline usage of the Ford Escape happens to be 30% better than its gas-only alternatives with a 34/31 mpg rating by the EPA. It is then the right choice for shoppers who prefer a crossover vehicle with a good green value. The advantages for gas-mileage are extracted with a four-cylinder engine with the help of 153 horsepower and gas-powered, that is combined with batteries and motors.

The motors and generators provide ongoing adjustable transmission. As a result, the Escape Hybrid can run on just electricity at speeds up to 25 mph with a range of 40 miles. Its use of a mechanical differential to divide power between the wheels in their all-wheel drive is unique. The majority of hybrids do it like that making use of electric motors. As a result of distinctive design, the Escape does better off-road driving than similar hybrid SUV’s. Because of the 8.5 inches of ground room, it is also great in any type of weather. The only negative concerning the hybrid is the construction is based on the 2001 gas-only model so it doesn’t have the soft, bounding ride of the newer models.

The Escape features a lot of glass which produces minimal blind spots plus it has outstanding head room but the back-seat leg room is a little tight. The interior is incredibly similar to a Ford Explorer than your typical crossover vehicle. In 2010, the entertainment system was updated to feature SYNC voice control. You’ll find it has the option of Sirius Travel link for information over satellite radio and HD radio.

The Ford Escape is something you want to consider if you prefer a solid American-made hybrid SUV. It might not be as inexpensive as some of the hybrid cars, but you will have more room.

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