Gas Saving Tips

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Even little things are important with the economy we’re in. Even saving a few cents on gas can make a difference. How your vehicle uses gas can depend on your driving habits. Here are some tips on how to make the best use of the gas that your vehicle uses.

Does my tire pressure really make a difference?

Yes, when your pressure is low, the tires drag and use more gas. When the tires struggle, the engine works harder and burns more gas. The ideal pressure should be listed in your car manual. The trick is to use that number plus two, but don’t go over thirty-five psi. Just by doing this little change you can add almost an extra mile to your mileage per gallon. Check your tire pressure every other day.

What kind of gas should I use?

You have the options of premium or unleaded when you buy gas. Unless your vehicle requires premium, it is unnecessary. If your car manual says it’s okay, you can use cheaper gas. Using the higher level of octane fuel is just throwing money away if your vehicle does not call for the higher octane grade. However, if your vehicle does require the higher grade of octane fuel your engine will be damaged and you will get bad mileage if you use the cheaper grade.

Shopping for good gas prices is a good idea. Usually in places where there are two or three stations in an area, there will be competitions in prices. Gas stations that are located close to the expressway exits will always have higher prices. Keep your eyes peeled for good prices.

How does the condition of my vehicle make a difference in my mileage?

When your vehicle needs a tune-up, it will use more gas than usual. If it takes a while for the engine to crank over it will use up enough excess gas to travel almost two miles. When the air filter gets dirty or the spark plugs get corroded they make the engine work harder. This will use up extra gas. When you visit your mechanic, as them to tune up the timing. This can save gas.

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