Golf The Best Selling Vehicle For Volkswagen

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Volkswagen’s Golf hatchback overtook the VW Beetle as the company’s biggest selling model, ever. With over 21.5 million cars built since it first looked in its Mark I guise in 1974, the Vehicle is one of the world’s largest selling nameplates. With such vast numbers on the roads, you have got to be thinking that the company is doing something right, and it is.

It’s a formula that the company has stuck to with slight degrees of variation and with the present version now on sale, the Golf still offers the same sort of predictable traits as its predecessors, delivered with the quality stamp of solid German engineering.

The 2.0-litre motor is a very smooth and refined unit and with its top torque arriving at 2400rpm, it is a flexible and tractable power-plant suited to a range of driving styles.

The ride quality is reasonably good, with the suspension’s compliance soaking up most rough roads, although the sports seats are on the firm side and do tend to transmit harsher potholes.

Within, the Golf keeps a fairly standard and inoffensive layout with quality materials and finish and all controls where you expect to find them.

Seating for 4 adults is good with a fairly big boot space that can be expanded with the split fold rear seat down.

The Golf is a good solid dependable small hatch that is well worth a drive if you’re cash flow isn’t too restrictive.It wont win any beauty contests but appears to be a reliabile car that should give you excellent motoring value.

I had this car for a weekend test, I personally would not rush out to buy one but thats because I am not a Volkswagen Golf fan but then again thats justs my opinion.

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