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I have been looking for months for the right obd2/can scanner with all the features the Eguus 3130 has. It’s easy to get past the serial port issue, just spend $10 on a USB to serial adapter. I love the back light screen. The “live data” display and record is wonderful for trouble shooting.

Within seconds of plugging it in, the scanner came back with 2 transmission codes – both pointing to a faulty Transmission Range Sensor. Buying a lower grade model would of been sufficient. The Equus 3130 does everything it says. I have now been using this for 3 months. It has all of the features that I was looking for. Great unit! With the live data and enhanced codes, it makes troubleshooting much easier and quicker.

It came with a detailed instruction book on how to set up and use the product. Also I was able to see codes that I didn’t know that was there and I was able to remove the codes once I replaced the parts that was needed. I paid a little more for the ability to see real time data, to keep an eye on suspect O2 sensors. Anyone that knows a little about vehicles can benefit from this tool and there is plenty of educational info on the internet to bring you up to speed.

Every trip cost me $300-500 for the repair. I tried it on my 2002 Suburban, 2000 Ford F-150, and my 2005 VW Jetta. I used the scan tool to clear my codes and reset my check engine light and it has ran fine for almost 3 years since.

Awesome product, and very helpful in diagnosis. The only thing it does link to the PC. I received the unit with my exchange for 148.00 Canadian. After researching, I narrowed it down to either a broken wire or a power door latch failure. The features outside of the basic scan and live data are not very easy to access. It also captures any event data that can be reviewed after the unit has been disconnected from the vehicle. From all of the reviews of this product, I thought I was getting the top-of-line scanner that would work with any vehicle. The Equus website is functional and easy to navigate. The live data may not be necessary but is there if needed. Might be better off with just a Code Reader instead of a full tester for $100 less This scan tool is easy to use out of the box without having to read a long manual, nice display.

Overall it was a good product that seems to be built well!

It save a LOT of time, money and aggravation finding an intermittent error that was causing a stall problem Wireless Gaming Headphones.

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