How To Find A Good Car Lease

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In order to keep up with the hottest trends in the automobile industry, you need to lease a car. This is the fastest way to get access to that awesome new car you’re dreaming of! However, it is difficult to spot a genuine good deal. This article will give you some basic suggestions on how to look a car lease and what are the most important things you should look for.

As you must know, the most important thing to check is the down payment on the lease, which is the lump sum you need to pay upfront.

The general rule of leasing is not putting money upfront, so you need to think twice before paying a down payment. Though a down payment will essentially reduce the monthly payments, you won’t recuperate the money at the end of the lease. Another disadvantage when you put a down payment is that if your car gets stolen or damaged, the insurance cost will not cover the loss.

Once you figured out the down payment, you need to read the lease carefully. Don’t overlook the fine print, where unexpected fees can be hidden, like sales tax, registration and title fees. Some dealers don’t include these fees in the advertised monthly payments, to make it look lower.

When you have a good picture about how much the lease will cost, you need to check the mileage policy. Don’t sign any contract unless you figured out your mileage needs. Even if you work from home you need to drive out and those miles pile up really fast. Most of the leasing companies offer 45,000 miles for a 3 years period, but even if it sounds like a lot of miles, it really isn’t a lot. Think about, that 45,000 divided by 3 is 15,000 miles per year, which is easily reachable. You don’t want to exceed the mileage limit, because you will be charged extra for each mile and by the end of the lease you will realize that you have to pay a huge amount of money.

Consider padding the miles that you expect to use since it is less expensive to contract for the extra before you sign than it is to pay the extra charges at end of your lease. [youtube:4lDk2CZDRs0;Tips on [link:car scratch repair];]

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