How to RV fulltime with children

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Full-time RVing with children is taxing to be honest. Especially if you have a couple of sons like we do. We call them “Inside” and “Outside”.

Like most siblings, our boys are quite different from one another. The eldest son is ten and his first word was “OUTSIDE!” Which he always proclaimed with remarkable emphasis while waiting by our front doorway at five am.

He never changed very much since those times and is most joyful outside, scampering, fishing, biking or playing soldiers.

Then again, our other boy would rather be indoors; building legos, speaking to himself as well as illustrating in depth detailed pictures. He loves to be in the same room with me providing I do my own thing and don’t interrupt him until he’s done.

And yet regardless of all these dissimilarities, these two brothers, “Inside” and “Outside” have usually gotten along very nicely. And this is a major reason why our family can go Rving full-time this year.

To date, Inside and Outside are behaving really nicely on this fulltime RV road trip. For the grown ups,one of the best parts about staying in a full time RV may be the chance to discover all the excellent cultural sites and attractions that dot this excellent country of ours. In short, there is a lot to experience.

Having said that from a kid’s perspective, this kind of “lets see it all” race to every attraction you pass through, is often very tedious.

A couple weeks into our journey, we noticed this fast moving pace was beginning to exhaust them. The kids slowly became irritable and were acting out far more than they usually do.

What we realized was that all of us were living an “adults life” at an “adult pace”.

And when you’re RVing fulltime with youngsters, you simply can’t do it this way.

What we discovered is the fact youngsters need to play. They require leisure time to be themselves, have fun with their games, have down time and have fun with other kids at the campground.

We came to the realization that this kind of play time is critical to a positive home life for them. While traveling, youngsters miss their neighbors, their home, their toys and thier playtime. When you’re living in a motorhome full time, mom and dad must understand this and then alter their routines that include a few normal common down time activities.

Therefore we concluded that we had been going too quickly, trying to do too much and needed to slow down. So we did.

That being said when you are on the road in an Recreational vehicle fulltime with children, discover as many attractions as you sensibly can.Bear in mind to put in a good amount of “chillaxin’ time”.

After all, the points of interest and “not to be missed” sites will probably always be there…however your kids won’t always be kids, so give them some time to be just that.

To get even more information about how to RV full time, click here to learn more about RVing full time.

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