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One of the most difficult things for novices to master when starting out in the car window tinting film business is making correct patterns or templates for your installation. I will offer you today a few basic methods that will make your pattern making a little easier.

As a beginner you want to minimize the number of elements that may trip you up as you study your craft, one of these is cutting your film templates on the car. By cutting directly on the car with your extremely sharp knife, you stand a high risk of cutting and harming one of the rubbers that trim the side of the window.

Just how do we simplify this process and decrease the risk of causing this possible damage? Okay, my first idea for you may be used when you are creating a template or pattern for a roll-down window, so that’s a typical window in the car that goes up and down.

Clean the window in question prior to doing any kind of installation work, you want to lower the amounts and possibilities of dust in the finished installation wherever you can. For this method, you have to work with a scrap piece of film liner, this is the protective clear part of the window film that you’ll normally throw away during the installation.

Wet the window in question and put your clear release liner onto the window, smooth it down into place on the glass with a hard card, a Gold colored card is normally best for this job. before you make any changes to this pattern, you need to decide if you’ll keep the door trim panels in position or remove them?

If leaving the door panels in place, then you can overlap the bottom edge of the clear release liner below the outer rubber on the car by .5 of an inch, if you are leaving the door panels in place, then position the release liner pretty much on the top of the outer trim on the window. You must look on the inside of the door glass as assess just how much overlap you will actually need as all cars are very different.

So, you know have the release liner on the glass, utilizing a marker pen, apply the pen up the side of the rubber trim – at the place where the glass meets the rubber trim at the edges of the window.Now you should have 2 straight lines on your release liner, make sure the middle of the release liner is tacked down in position and reduce the glass, now cut the top exposed edge of the glass, don’t worry if this cut isn’t 100%, since it is only a basic pattern for our real piece of film.

You can now transfer this piece of release liner on to the top of your actual window tint, then using your knife cut the sides to be about a quarter of an inch past the dark markers on the release liner, then cut your top edge about 10mm past the pattern of the release liner – now you can mount this piece after you’ve shrank the window on the glass.

When creating templates this way it’s more suited for shaving the top part of the window film for a factory finish. In upcoming articles i will tell you more concerning this shaving strategy – it is a great one to use and can increase your standing in the vehicle window tinting film business.

Uncover tips, tricks and methods that will help you break into the Car Window Tinting business.

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