How To Select A Car For Your Teenager

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Being parents would mean that we have to make unpopular choices for our children and most often, this relates to when we choose their first car. Looking at cars as status symbols are what teenagers do, particularly the boys. It’s better if they get the bigger engine because it means the car is faster and racier. Being parents means that we prefer older, safer, and slower.

There are a few points to consider when choosing a car for your teenager. First and foremost, you have a budget to consider – and so does your child. Gas guzzling cars may not be an option on your budget – or for a child who will be paying for their own gas. More economical on fuel are cars that are smaller and slower.

Driving experience should be considered too. When it comes to handling a fast car, is a 16 year old equipped with the experience? Do you think their reactions are honed by years of driving in traffic? An unguided missile in inexperienced hands is a brand new car with a fast engine, regardless of how badly they want it. Chances are pretty good that your teenager is going to bump the car within the first year. If you get the more expensive car, then the repairs will be more expensive as well.

A huge concern for parents of teenagers who drive is safety. We can make sure that they keep their cars in good working condition even though we can’t stop them from driving. Routinely checking tire pressure, oil levels, tire wear, water levels, and lights on the car is what you need to teach your child. In case of a puncture, they should also know how to change a wheel. Safety in a car is about more than just airbags.

It would also be helpful if you set a good example in terms of driving habits. As long as you don’t speed, drive recklessly or break the law, then it’s likely your child won’t do those things as well. Explaining the consequences of dangerous driving is vital – a car is a one ton weapon in the wrong hands, and the result of careless driving can be tragic and life-changing. You teenager needs to be aware of the dangers as well even if you don’t want to dampen their enthusiasm.

If your teen has friends that have the newest and fastest car on the lot, then it won’t be an easy task to convince them that they don’t need these cars. Keep in mind that you still need to look after them even if doing so makes you unpopular. Like many decisions parents have to make, your children are only likely to understand them – and appreciate them – once they themselves have children.

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