Increasing the Mileage of Your Gas

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With gas prices rising almost daily it seems as well as the pressure to reduce emissions from cars, keeping a car economical on fuel is becoming a priority for many. People with the inability to update their vehicle through any new purchases, have to find ways to cut back on their driving to save fuel.

Gas mileage increases with cars that run without any problems. Keeping up with monthly and yearly maintenance work with your car will lower gas use and keep your engine running smoothly. Small maintenance jobs like replacing the air filter and changing the oil make a world of difference to fuel consumption.

Tires that are under-inflated use more fuel. It’s simple, if your tires are full, your car will run more efficiently.

When the car is idling, it is burning fuel. Switch the car off whenever you feel like you will be waiting a while for something to reduce fuel consumption. Gas consumption will not be greatly effected for cars that idle for a minute or less. Starting the car up takes the same amount of fuel as idling for one minute, so only switch off if it’s going to be a longer wait.

Reduce cold startups by aggregating multiple trips into one. Combining trips creates a warm start for your car allowing it to utilize fuel more efficiently.

Additional car weight decreases fuel efficiency. Cars that carry a lot of weight including, hitched trailers, carriers, bike racks or any excess material in the trunk will have a sudden increase in fuel consumption.

Oddly enough, cleaner cars save more gas. Cars that are completely clean on the outside save more fuel according to research in aerodynamics and drag.

Gas consumption is also dependent on the way you drive. In order to get the most out of your gas tank, it is important to drive without changing the speed limit for as long as you can. Careless driving will cause the gas in your tank to decrease faster.

Before going on a drive organize your trip with directions of the best routes to take. Look up alternative routes to direct yourself away from any congestion. Not having a plan of attack before leaving the house can result in the consumption of more fuel.

Because having the windows down causes your car to work more, it consumes more fuel than having the air conditioner on. Use the air conditioner to reduce the temperature inside the car, then switch it off until needed.

For optimum fuel efficiency, walk or ride a bicycle. Take advantage of walking whenever possible, to cut back on parking problems and laziness.

Going green when buying a car cuts back on cost of fuel, and air pollution. At the very least, buy a smaller car.

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