Installing Car Speakers

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Even though installing speaker is an easy process, cars have their own type of car speaker installation. Installing speakers usually take about an hour or even less. Depending on the vehicle, the intricacy of the installation will vary. Speakers can either be installed in the dash, doors or rear deck, and it’s also depending on the vehicle.

Even in installing speakers, safety should still be considered. If speakers are not properly installed, it can cause damage and added cost or injuries. What should be used as a necessity is protection for hearing/vision.

Here are basic steps to consider if you want to install speakers. Just remember that some cars require extra steps to be taken. It’s possible that location of your speakers may be different from the mounting location that’s noted here, but still the method should be comparable.

First, make sure your speaker grilles are removable if you’re planning to install your speakers on the dash and doors. Once you’re certain that the grilles are removable, then take the grilles off using appropriate tools, remove screws that holds the speakers together, disconnect then connect speaker harness to the new speaker, plug the harness of the speaker, connect it to the new speaker’s harness, set the speaker in the opening and reinstall it then replace the grille. Consider the depth of the speaker if you’re planning to install it in the door and make sure the depth won’t interfere with window operation.

If in case the grilles can’t be removed, then what you need to do is remove the dash pads or door panel. Keep a close eye on any screw or clip that is removed. Next thing you need to do is follow the same steps above except that you’ll need to again install the dash pads or door panel. Watch out for screws that can be mounted in the armrest, inside the space of the door latch or even behind the trim panels if you’re going to remove the door panel. To disconnect any wiring harnesses, lift up the door panel once all the screws are removed.

To help determine your steps in installing rear deck speakers, first find out if the speakers are top-mounted or bottom-mounted. If these are top-mounted speakers, you need to remove the grilles, screws, disconnect and connect speaker harness to the new speaker, plug in the harness connected to the speaker to vehicle side of the harness, mount the speaker with the screws, then replace the grille. If these are bottom mounted speakers, remove the screw mounting the speaker by reaching in the trunk. Afterwards, follow the same fundamental steps above.

To check the operation of the new speakers, turn on the radio.

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