Inverter Generator Benefits

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The difference between purchasing a electrical generator for personal purposes versus for a job site is the preference towards a quiet generators for that former. When I ring in the generator vendor I possibly could care less about how exactly loud for the reason that I understand that people stick to strict safety standards on-site and wear ear protection. However for generator use around the home or campsite noise becomes the most important most important criteria for choosing the very best one for your needs. Here I want to discuss the inverter generator class because they are the quietest.

An inverter generator is the newer more complex version from the conventional generator since it uses more effective methods of generating electricity from mechanical motion. Namely, they will use magnets instead of copper winding in the rotor. Conventional generators must first reach 3600 rpm to create the 60 hertz electricity you’ll need. Whereas the second the magnets start moving their magnetic field has already been at full strength. Hence the ability of an inverter generator to throttle the engine down to cater to demand. This increases fuel efficiency and decreases noise.

Not just is an inverter generator very quiet they are also smaller and more compact than conventional generators. How? Well, again as they do not require bulky and heavy copper windings in the rotor plus they don’t require as big of engines. The amount of copper winding within is approaching double digit kilograms. You will get small inverters that weigh less than 28 kg. Think about how easy it will likely be that you should have a generator together with you camping in order to the park or to the beach or somewhere else where there isn’t any power.

As an example of how good the fuel efficiency is on an inverter generator let’s look at the Yamaha 2kW inverter generator. It has a run-time of 10 hours off 1 gallon of fuel when it runs at half load. That’s one can of soda of fuel per hour. Pretty awesome I think.

The best brand of inverter power generators is Yamaha. It appears they have bet big money on the fact that inverters will dominate soon. Some could say they already do dominate. Right now the only real downsides to inverters are that they are more expensive and are not available in the larger wattages. But this will soon change as demand increases. Look out for other brands like Generac and Briggs and Stratton to begin making a greater number of inverters to compete.

For a listing of the most Quiet Generator models be sure to read the comprehensive Portable Generator Reviews that I put together after amassing 4 years working with generators every day.

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