Is the Cost of Shipping a Car Higher Than Driving it Yourself?

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The fact is that shipping a car is going to be more costly than driving it considering the only cost involved is monetary. Driving a car long distances can vary in cost depending on many variables – a major one being the miles per gallon your car gets. Suppose your distance is 800 miles and your vehicle gets 20 miles per gallon. You will need approximately 40 gallons from start to finish of your 800 mile trek. Assume a national average of $3.00 per gallon for gasoline and your total fuel costs will be around $120.00. You should add to this an estimation of the cost for oil for the trip and normal wear and tear on the tires.

You need to figure in $100.00 per night for motels and $50.00 a day for meals on the road. Now that 800 mile trip has risen in cost to about $320.00 to drive your car yourself to your new home or vacation destination. This, of course, is barring any roadside emergency repairs on you or your car.

If you are traveling with family members or companions who are moving or vacationing with you, add in their per diem for food and overnight accommodations. So, for you and your spouse, let’s say, the total cost to drive your car would be $420. With an average transport of around $700 for the same distance (plus airfare for two to your final destination), shipping your car is more expensive.

You could tow the car behind your rented truck and the only costs to transport the car would be the rental/lease or purchase of the towing gear.

Are dollars and cents the only way to measure if shipping your auto is more expensive than driving it yourself? Definitely not.

If you are a professional, say a doctor, lawyer, dentist or consultant with an hourly rate of from $200 to $500, or a highly skilled tradesperson who gets an hourly rate and are unproductive for upwards of 12 hours, your bank account may be significantly affected. If you are beginning a new job in a new city and could start it three days earlier if you didn’t drive yourself, how might this affect your first paycheck? This is yet another cost of driving your car yourself.

Another non-economic issue is your serenity. If you are a white knuckle driver, tightly holding on to the steering wheel and conjuring up worst case road scenarios throughout the entire trip, by the time you reach your destination you will be so uptight you will need two or three days to get back to working condition. Your traveling companions will also be totally stressed making for an extremely tense atmosphere for much too long a time.

And let’s not forget the family car with mom, dad and three young ones in back. It goes against the laws of nature that three young siblings can stay in one small confined space for two days or a day and a half without bickering, hair pulling, crying, socking each other and generally making life miserable for the parents. Don’t make me come back there! What price can you place on peace of mind for two individuals who work 40 hours a week and then come home to take care of three young ones? Priceless.

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