Issues To Consider When Buying Pre-owned Forklifts

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Obtaining a second hand forklift is a great method for saving costs when acquiring a forklift for your warehouse. Purchasing a pre-owned one means that you won’t need to spend as much on the forklift. Choosing a used forklift wisely will mean you’ll have a great machine that works as well as a brand new one, for less cost! You should know what you’re trying to find and I will help you with this guide.

Among the initial things you’ll have to do is first understand the load and size of the loads you’ll be shipping. Obviously, lots of warehouses possess a standard size pallet, but there will be varying sizes depending on stock you might be carrying and loading with your new truck. Overloading a forklift can cause your truck to tip over and can possibly cause an accident. Knowing the weight of the stock inside your warehouse is vital when choosing your second hand forklift.

The height that the forklift can lift is also something to look at. Smaller forklifts can lift two or three pallets high, but if you are working in large warehouses you might need a forklift that will raise 6 or 7 pallets high. The lifting power should accommodate the load as it gets higher also. This is very important when purchasing your second hand forklift.

The area of where you’ll be utilising your forklift is also something to take into careful consideration. Indoor forklifts are cheaper and outdoor all terrain forklifts are more expensive. This sort of forklift are prepared for any terrain though. Consider where your forklift might be used as this will affect the decision on the kind of forklift you pay for.

How big your warehouse will also determine how large the forklift that you are purchasing. If you have a sizable warehouse with a lot of space between shelves you can afford to get a larger more powerful forklift. Smaller warehouses indicates investing in a smaller truck to accommodate the room available.

Take into consideration how much the forklift might be used, as gas forklifts will run when fuelled up and electric forklifts will be required to charge regularly. Which will be one of the most economic to your warehouse needs? Usage of the forklift could be something to take into account when purchasing, you should definitely understand the differences between gas and electric forklifts.

Make sure the forklift is in great condition. Relevant industry certificates will qualify that the forklift has been tested and works to standard. Used forklifts have usually had some or a lot of use, so ensuring that your forklift is in working order is very important.

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