It’s Drive Time, can we go now?

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I started out driving for the first time without understanding the term, fit to drive. Whenever I wanted to drive anywhere I would do just that but this was not always possible because I did not own my own car. I had to wait until my parents were not using it before I gained permission to drive.

After a few years following my driving test thinking about my fitness to drive only cropped up when I felt really ill but this was because I had a driving job at that time. I did not consider myself too poorly to drive if I was suffering from a cold, this is mainly because most of the people I knew also used their car to get to their workplace even though they had a streaming cold.

Each and every time you contemplate driving a vehicle do you ask yourself, if you consider yourself fit to drive?

If you have the appropriate and current documentation including, driving licence, road fund licence, MOT and insurance then, all should be fine. Also to be considered is that although the renewal of any documents have been achieved by the due date reflection would be necessary to make sure that any material fact has been reported to either the insurance company or the relative organisation.

None of us would want an accident to occur but we also have to admit that life includes the unexpected and there are possible risks that we all have to live with. To reduce the costs and secure legal representation in the event of a traffic accident, insurance cover must be gained. During the time that an insurance policy is in force it is also important that any documents are also kept up to date. Should the driver receive points on their driving licence or attend an alternative driving course, the insurance company must be informed of this material fact to avoid losing cover in the event of a driving accident.

Before using any vehicle on the highways how is road and legal fitness determined?

What things do we need to check to make sure our car is safe, legal and fit for the road?

It is good that learner drivers have to learn a variety of simple maintenance checks that they will be tested on during their driving test. Around 19 aspects cover under the bonnet engine bay, in-car checks and exterior safety items. This is part of a positive move towards new drivers having a greater amount of knowledge and awareness about the vehicle that they not only drive but are expected to maintain simple maintenence. Although their driving examiner will only ask one show plus one tell me questions it is more likely that new drivers will continue weekly maintenence particularly when they get their own cars. In addition it is recommended that new drivers study the car handbook before taking to the road.

Some cars carry a small toolkit including small items e.g. spare fuses. Taking delivery of a new car even if this is a second hand one is usually creates a bit of excitement and during this time you will no doubt set about exploring what the array of switches operate. Under the bonnet check are made simple now that car manufacturers have colour coded those items that the driver should check. How often they should be checked will be found in the car handbook. It’s all about familiarising yourself with your new car, seating, head restraint and steering adjustments. Finding the car jack and where the toolkit is located is probably one of the last things on your mind but it should be one of the first. Out on the open road you unfortunately have a puncture, yes you could phone for help but on this occasion you cannot get a signal on your phone. Not knowing where the toolkit is located or how to change a wheel places you in a vunerable situation. So, read you car handbook, if there isn’t one in the car then contact the manufacturer, you can often download a handbook from their website or if not available, from specialist supplier who supply a whole variety of car handbooks via their website.

Before you decide which driving school you are going to choose for your course of tuition it would be in your interest to have a look at Eddie Reade’s site including resources This article, It’s Drive Time, can we go now? has free reprint rights.

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