Just How The Chopper Emerged To Be

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Quite a few American soldiers who returned to the States after World War II were faithful to the Harley Davidson company but were not very happy with the new motorcycles that were introduced. Most of them encountered riding more exciting and lightweight motorcycles found in Europe. Many of them wanted improvements to be made to the Harley Davidson collection of motorcycles. They began shortening the fenders or doing away with them altogether to make the bikes lighter. The front fender was taken out and the rear one shortened to minimize mud and water splatter from the rear.

While customizations continued to be produced by riders, the chopper came to be and the term bobber was coined. The plan ended up being to use these customized motorcycles for dirt bike racing. The name chopper was based on the fact that these riders chopped off every little thing they deemed unnecessary for the bike. Parts that were typically chopped off incorporate big seats, crash bars, windshields, headlights and front fenders. Forward-mounted foot pegs supplanted the larger footrests, and the fuel tank was made smaller, which all made for a lighter bike.

The next change that came to the cycle was raking the front side end, which reduced the angle of the fork to the ground, increasing the wheelbase. The expression ape hangers was coined when the handlebars were raised. Personalizing the cycles became a preoccupation for many riders as they took out parts that they felt were unnecessary or made other parts smaller. The front tire started to be smaller and the rear end tire started to be fat. Resourceful individuals began to develop custom bikes and began building them to sell to those who didn’t want to undertake the work themselves. As the trend caught on choppers began to be created.

The fad for choppers slowed down for a few years, but fairly recently it seems to have made a comeback. A lot of people are actually looking for choppers that are custom built by the world’s top designers. The chopper grew to be increasingly popular after it was noticed in the film Easy Rider. Due to the chopper’s popularity, Harley Davidson launched the Shovelhead FX Super Glide. Despite the fact that many people believe the chopper was built for aesthetics, there is a real performance advantage to the raked front end. Using high speeds, these motorcycles have got a more reliable feel than the original factory suspensions, but there is also a negative aspect. If you ever move at slower speeds or snug curves, it is much heavier and not as responsive.

A hand-crafted chopper built from scratch may perhaps be good to obtain if you want something that is unique and custom built. The controlling of the motorcycle is a lot more challenging and the ride is rough, but these radical attributes are necessary to get the desired looks. One type that is becoming popular is the low-rider type with a low frame to surface clearance.

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