Kansas City Auto Detailing Company Explains How To Keep Your Car’s Wheels Looking Their Best

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Properly detailing your wheels is a crucial step in the car detailing procedure. A set of good looking wheels and tires is going to take the aesthetics of your car to a whole new stage. Filthy or damaged rims and tires however will take away from the visual appeal of your nice car.

Would you like a few do’s, don’ts and techniques to keep your wheels looking expertly detailed? There are some great techniques, tips and some significant warnings when it comes to getting your rims detailed and looking fresh.

Using acid rim cleaners can make car detailing a lot quicker and easier however it is a bad idea. These types of products don’t only result in long-term difficulties for the finish of your wheels as well as the rubber of the tires but will sometimes result in very serious immediate damage.

The challenge with acid products is that they are very severe. The same kind of acid solution chemicals were originally built to clean concrete and were never should have been utilized on painted or polished materials. The wrong wheel cleaners will cause damage and fading to your wheels potentially in the short-term but definitely in the long-term.

Just what exactly should you use then? Without giving out any trade secrets and techniques, we will tell you to work with some really good citrus cleaning agent so you can get those rims of yours blinging again. While you may spend some additional time and hard work, detailing your wheels using the right cleaners will always make an important difference.

This is a product that will work very well but will be more expensive than the acid cleaners. Citrus based degreasers are generally going to work well and have no long-term disadvantages. Finding the right one can be a little tricky though. The next tip will fill you in on how to protect the wheels once they are clean.

Shielding automotive wheels from brake dust and grime can be as simple as applying a specialized wheel sealer polish after they have correctly been cleaned. Wheels that are sealed can normally be pressure washed to a near detailed finish because the sealer’s anti-static characteristics keep brake dust from clinging to the surface. This will save you a lot of time during future detail jobs.

Tires tend to be the very easy part. The most important portion of detailing a tire is to get it completely cleaned up using the citrus degreaser. The moment the tires are nice and dry, apply the tire shine. It is actually that simple

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