Looking For Employment? Don’t Overlook the Auto Shipping Industry

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Due to the present depressed economy, jobs are at a premium. The unemployed and underemployed are seeking every possible nook in the world of commerce to end their jobless state. Even though the opportunities are reduced, there still exist some out-of-the- way avenues to at least earn a paycheck, and maybe even find a satisfying career hitherto undiscovered. Of course, finding one’s passion is still a rarity in the search for a lifelong career.

There are a huge number of people who have set their goals toward higher achievement who have had to settle for jobs taken solely for survival. This is a sad situation but the worker at least is responsible enough to show up for work, do the job effectively and get his regular paycheck allowing him to handle personal needs, like feeding, clothing and putting a roof over his (and possibly his family’s) head.. There are many roads to take in life and the turns we choose to take along them greatly impact our existence.

A job is an important part of our lives and even in today’s recession, there are abundant choices to be made in order to make a living. One option is the often overlooked auto shipping industry. Auto transportation has blossomed into a profitable and thriving industry with lots of opportunities for those seeking employment in an interesting, ever-changing environment. Let us look at some of the possible career choices in the exciting field of auto shipping from the entry level to the executive with some highly skilled technical opportunities thrown in.

Beginning with entry level positions, the customer service representative is an extremely important one to the company. The manner is which they deal with customer issues can result in either the loss of that customer’s business or positive word of mouth advertising for the company. Yet another starter job is that of dispatcher. A critical position that controls the movement of shipping transactions to keep the traffic flowing smoothly and on time. At a somewhat higher level in the company’s organization chart is the broker, a middleman between the customer and company responsible for relationship management, conflict of interest resolution, new business development and the well being of both customer and company.

No position in the auto transportation business has more responsibility than the CDL drivers, the big rig rulers of the road. Driving huge trucks major distances loaded with a heavy, valuable cargo of automobiles is a task for the physically fit, diligent and responsible. No wimps need apply. These drivers must be cognizant of current traffic laws in diverse regions as well as safety rules and signage. Very near to the drivers are the truck mechanics who have spent hours in school gaining their certification. These technicians are critical to the safety of the drivers, their equipment and their cargo.

Arguably the highest degree of difficulty and accountability belongs to the shipping company’s chief operating officer – the professional at the top whose company is under constant monitoring by regulators while he is ever watchful that his employees at all levels are living up to the standards that he has set for them and his company.

The auto shipping industry offers an increasingly valuable service to its customers while at the same time dealing with high risks and extraordinary organizational issues. To be employed in this industry, a worker must be highly competent, alert, motivated and energetic. These employees are justly rewarded for their professionalism and loyal service to the company. Any person dissatisfied with his current lot in life would do well to look into the auto transportation industry.

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