Luxury Cars Require Premium Fuel

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There’s nothing better than finally driving the car you have always wanted whether it’s a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Infiniti. Now you might be wondering if you can use regular gas or if you’ll be required to use premium. Premium usually costs twenty cents per gallon and it probably would be just fine if you filled up with regular once in a blue moon, right?

When it comes to the majority of luxury cars, the answer is no. Premium gas will be required. What determines the type of gas you will need is the compression rate of your engine. Generally, autos with a higher level of horsepower (and a higher level of performance) require higher octane level while slower sedans with a low amount of hp won’t. What it boils down to is if you want superior speed and top notch performance, you’re going to have to spend a bit more at the station.

Most stations offer three grades of fuel. Premium gas generally has an octane rating of 91 or 92 (depending which U.S state you are in) while standard fuel has one of 87 and mid-grade comes in at around 89. The main problem with using standard gas in a vehicle that requires premium is that it could potentially hurt the engine of your vehicle. There is a major difference in the manufacturer recommending high octane fuel instead of absolutely requiring it. If it’s merely recommended, then using regular gas will not damage your engine; it will only minimize performance in terms of less than half a second when it comes to acceleration.

A few luxury cars that were produced in recent years such as the MKZ from Lincoln and the STS by Cadillac utilize regular unleaded fuel. A few drivers may be under the impression that using more expensive gas will clean out their engine more efficiently or make their vehicles run faster but they are mistaken. However, if your car does require the expensive type of gas and if you fail to follow the recommended guidelines, you might hear noises called “pinging” or “knocking” when you are driving at a high rate of speed. This noise is the result of the fuel and air combusting on an uneven basis and this could lead to damage over a long period of time. Upgrading to the correct grade of fuel will usually get rid of the noise and if it doesn’t, chances are that your vehicle needs some type of repair and it would be a good idea to visit a mechanic. Therefore it’s crucial to follow the manufacturers recommendations for your auto.

If you want your luxury auto to last for a long time, you will need to fill her up with the correct grade of fuel. The difference in cost between premium and gas boils is around 20 cents a gallon, or a few hundred dollars a year depending on how often you drive. It is a well known reality that luxury cars usually cost more money to maintain and service versus regular cars. The bottom line is that if you can afford an expensive vehicle, you should be able to afford to fill her with the fuel she needs. So regardless of whether you drive a Mercedes, Infiniti or Jaguar, remember to follow the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer in order to keep it in good running condition.

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