Maintenance Tips For Hydraulic Jacks

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Hydraulic jacks play an important role in any workshop. When it comes to ensuring you get the most out of your air hydraulic jack, you simply cannot overestimate the importance of regular and proper maintenance.

Remember to maintain your air jack regularly to get the best performance and to have it working safely within your workshop. Maintenance is of prime importance to your air jack, to either a portable air hydraulic jack for use on cars and light vehicles or a heavy-duty hydraulic jack for lifting trucks or buses, to have them working optimally. [I:]

AC Hydraulic jacks require relative little maintenance fortunately. Just a few simple, but important checks to your air jack will give you peace of mind.

Here are a few quick tips to help you get maximum performance from your air-jack.

1. Skilled Maintenance and repair must always be carried out by qualified personnel.

2. The air-motor requires oil so it is essential to lubricate the mechanical parts often.

3. An air supply with a water separator/filter and oil lubricator is essential to use as the air supply.

4. Daily maintenance includes lubricating the air-motor by injecting a little oil into the air connection on the handle, then lift to maximum position. Disconnect the air hose, inject more oil into the air connection, reconnect the air hose, and turn the control valve counter clockwise to lubricate the cylinder walls.

5. Monthly inspections of the jack and extension for damage and wear are important. Emptying the water separator/filter and filling the oil lubricator with oil and lubricating all mechanical parts with a few drops of oil are all important monthly maintenance jobs.

6. Monthly oil monitoring is essential and when needed refill the oil through hole (9) on the left hand side of the cabinet. Have the cylinder completely lowered and the jack horizontal so that correct oil level is achieved to the lower edge of the hole. Never use brake fluid and always use a good quality hydraulic oil. Dispose of waste oil legally as disposal of all waste should be managed properly.

7. The air-motor needs to be lubricated by using a little oil injected into the air connection on the handle. then lift the handle to maximum position. The air hose needs to be disconnected before you inject more oil into the air connection. The reconnect the air hose and lubricate the cylinder walls by turning the control valve counter clockwise.

Following these simple tips can prolong the life of your air hydraulic jack and dramatically improve the productivity of your workshop.

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