Making Your Old Car Look New The Easy Way

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At one time, car accessories consisted of a hula girl for the dash board and a racing stripe on the door. Now, with more accessory options available, you can spend as much money as you could in making your car look brand new. It’s your call – you can add GPS navigation, improve your sound system, or do practically anything else on your car. If your car’s at that time when it’s too new to be replaced but too old-looking for your comfort, then maybe you should consider these affordable ways to spice up your car’s appearance.

You need to make sure your car is thoroughly cleaned before even considering which accessories you want to buy. If you have the space outside your home and your neighbors don’t mind, you can wash the car yourself. Still, it is your option to have the car washed outside, as car washes can give your car a nice shiny look at a low cost.

The inside of your car needs to be as clean as the outside. You can clean the interior with a few paper towels and multi-purpose spray cleaner that isn’t too strong. Windows can get dirty real quick, so clean them before anything else. After the windows, go to the rear view mirrors.

The next thing to clean would be vinyl surfaces, particularly the dashboard and the cup holder. If you have a habit of bringing coffee or other beverages with you when you drive, you will likely find the residue of old spills in the cup holder. This is not time to be conservative with your spray bottle. The cleaner should be used generously but carefully so as not to affect the paint job. If you paint job gets rusty due to this, that wouldn’t be the makeover you’d like for your car. Also remove old bumper stickers that you may find. This doesn’t just make your car look sloppy, it makes it look tacky as well.

The floor of your car may have some traces of gravel if you’ve regularly been driving through gravel and sandy surfaces. This is the perfect job for a portable vacuum. If you choose to visit your nearby car wash, they would normally have high powered vacuum cleaners which would work even better. It’s a small cost to pay for extra cleanliness, but these top-of-the-line vacuums are most likely to do the job perfectly.

Your car is now clean – next thing to do is to start jazzing it up. Pick up a small bottle of touch up paint for the car. If you car is older, it probably has its share of dings. Walk around and look for spots to touch up. Peeling paint can be covered up by using fine sandpaper to remove the rough edges, then applying the touch up paint accordingly. Touch up paint usually comes with a set of brushes, so don’t worry about not having any handy. In the absence of sandpaper, you could use an Emory board.

Replace your floor mats if necessary, which would mean if your old floor mats are riddled with holes. Heels of certain shoes could get caught in those holes, so it’s important to replace these damaged items. You wouldn’t be able to brake with ease or shift properly, leading to more potential danger. If you’re looking for an affordable way to make the inside look flashy, try a steering wheel cover. Your boring old sedan could look like something out of The Fast and the Furious if you decorate it well. There are many other interior accessories that look just as good. But you wouldn’t want to overdo it. Don’t let too many cooks spoil your broth.

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