Motorcycle Helmets Made From Carbon Fiber

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Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets are one of the most modern helmets around. The carbon fiber material used in motorcycle helmets refer to carbon filament threads woven into cloth or felt. It can also be a composite material made from carbon filaments that make up the protective shell of your helmet. This material can also be combined with another material such as Kevlar in the manufacture of stronger and lighter helmet models.

Carbon fiber helmets are made stronger and stiffer from superheated acrylic fibers. Carbon fiber composites can achieve the strength of metals at a significant savings in weight, the two factors needed in making quality motorcycle helmets.

Kevlar is created by dissolving a polymer in a solvent and then extracting the fibers and then spun to form threads. Kevlar is very similar to carbon fiber, except that it doesn’t have much comprehensive strength. You’ll get thrice the flexural strength of Kevlar if you combine it with carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets provide a lighter yet more durable helmet than most motorcycle helmets today made from fiberglass. Compact yet lightweight helmets are made possible by carbon fiber.

Most carbon fiber helmets are available for you from custom helmet manufacturers. There are also other helmet manufacturers that have carbon fiber helmets available. Helmets are now more durable, lighter, and cooler.

There are now carbon fiber motorcycle helmets such as the THH T-69 that offers you a DOT approved motorcycle helmet. The compact design makes it a favorite among bike riders. The average motorcycle rider will really know how racers feel with the HJC AC-12 full face carbon fiber helmet.

It has features such as the Flow Through ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation Feature System that provides extraordinary ventilation to make you feel cooler. The Anti-fog System feature of this helmet means fog won’t be a hindrance to you. This motorcycle helmet also has a built-in communication system speaker cavity to allow two-way or multi-channel communication when required.

With our technology, helmets have improved immensely also for the betterment of the riders. There is no chance of you not being able to find a helmet that you like with all the great choices in the market.

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