Not Perfect But Very Effective

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Unless I’m looking for it, I can’t notice it at all. You do need to be patient while waiting for the compound to flow into the cracks.

It looks that the crack will not get larger with this rinse. I had pretty low expectations considering the cheap price of this kit. I was expecting at least 10% visibility when this was done.

After reading the reviews here I was concerned that Fix-a-Windshield might not fix the bulls eye chip in my Sequoia’s windshield. The second windshield has a smaller rock ding. Not only was there not a visible difference after the treatment, the chip cracked from one side of the windshield to the other over the course of the next few months.

The syringe is filled with the resin. Unnoticeable unless pointed out. Mine was only about 1/2″ in length, so not very long.

We followed the instructions to a T. I was very happy with the results – the damaged area, filled in with the resin, was see-through, not smoky like I have seen other windshield repairs. After scraping off the material, it is still apparent where the rock chip is located.

Then I screwed in the attachment and left it for about 10 minutes whereby the crack disappeared. I highly recommend this to anyone who has chips in their windshield and wants to fix it them self. I found it easy to use and a relatively quick process. And, contrary to some of the other comments, I was not able to go back and fill in those spots after it cured.

Almost perfect and I wouldn’t really be able to tell except that I knew where the original crack was. To make it as invisible as possible, I followed the instruction to add one more drop of resin right on the chip and scrape the resin “from” the chip.

Very easy to use. The kit is well made, and the instructions are very clear. It looks that the crack will not get larger with this rinse.

I tried multiple times and consider myself pretty adept at this stuff. I’ve used this on both cracks and chips.

I had a crack the length of my thumb nail PORTABLE SUN SHADE.

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