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I wished it came with a leather carry case like my Nuvi 350 did. And if we go off route? Overall, I’d rate this product not as good as the 2720 and better than the C550 street pilots.

Most of the time we could make corrections before we got into trouble, you can’t turn these rigs around in tight places, I am sure the trucker that use this unit feel the same way. A comfortable level on all 3 work perfect. It informs you of the speed limit of the road your on, even when it changes as soon as you pass the new sign, the icon changes to show you the new speed limit. Doesn’t always work, but when its accurate its a benefit. Sometimes it will route you and then tell you it does not know if it’s a truck approved route, but hey, you have to check the map anyway, right?

But that is about it for any complaints I have. Route planning is good.

Sending unit back to Amazon for a replacement. Excellent signal reception. The volume is adjustable. It does require some “common sense” like anything else.I use Google earth to back up where this unit is wanting me to go. Not necessarily needed but it is that little extra detail that get’s my confidence up when driving a 53′ tractor trailer into a strange area. If you had to pay just one off route ticket, it would cover the cost of the unit.

There are even some older roads which don’t appear on any map. The 2720 was a ‘killer’ product for us because it offered a truck option, had a remote control (ever tried to drive a truck and press those little keys while shaking) and performed well over a number of years in a harsh environment. The features are great, very rarely there will be an address that the GPS can’t find but that’s when the best feature comes in handy! Another minor (but irritating) problem is the voices.

Restrictions where none exist, and turns not recognized. If you don’t press ‘cancel’ and press the ‘next’ key, you have to keep pressing the key again and again and again while it cycles thru the entire list. It helped to have previously owned a GPS that had a bus setting. The voice on GPS could be louder because it can be hard to hear in a truck. I bought this Garmin as a gift for my son-in-law who is new to trucking.

GPS will recognize the 65 limit.

Anyway, we went on a trip with our Dodge Dually and a 37ft fifth wheel without the GPS. The TomTom has more features, but will run you well out of your way for one of it’s preferred routes.

He loves it and he follows it ALUMINUM FLATBED TRUCK BODIES.

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