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One I had it hooked up, the red warning light came on. And if buying a used car, this could be invaluable to keep you from buying a lemon. I was able to purchase CarMD as a novel little Christmas gift for my husband through Bzzagent as an opportunity to try the product and give an honest opinion. We brought it in to be fixed and it ended up only needing a new gas cap but we knew going into it that it may need a new fuel tank as there was a leak somewhere in the system. The green light means that everything is okay.

I am sorry to say, customer service was not good! He has tried other code readers in the past but liked this one better. Mind you, the dashboard did not have any warnings that were lit up and there would have been no other way for me to know. This is probably a good thing, because I like to tinker and play with objects without reading manuals, since I am a hands on person! Theoretically, if your friend had an issue, have them bring it over – it takes a bit to set up the car profile, but you can use it on any car you’d like. I love my CarMD. Well, no more. If there were problems, as in the case of the Mercedes, running a report will present you a summary report, as well as a cost estimate to repair. I look forward to looking at the device in the future, but so far, so good! Now that he has the CarMD, he can check it on his own, and not pay, saving time and money. He has tried other code readers in the past but liked this one better. The system itself works well, even though there was nothing wrong with my car at the time; it told me about recalls and available technical service bulletins (which is extremely useful)! I just want the ability to find an issue and get it fixed before it becomes a costly repair.

He’s not a computer person, so simpler is better. One particular thing that I liked was that it tells you (once you get online) if your vehicle would pass an emissions test.

They were unable to immediately diagnose the issue with the engine/transmission and state that experts in this area of service will review my information and respond to me within 3-5 days. It always seems as if something is going on with their cars and I figured this would be a fun way to be one-up on the mechanic before the cars were brought in. I bought the CarMD product at a discount from Amazon, I received it about a week ago. My neighbor plugged in his code diagnostic device and it showed nothing.

I first picked this up as part of a help guide on Amazon.

We have many vehicles in our family, including a 1995 jeep, 2000 ford f150, 2006 ford escape, 2008 Kia, cv and 2010 focus AC UNIT PORTABLE.

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