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Many issues must be considered before deciding upon one of the many companies available to provide a specific service, the most important are probably cost and reliability. When looking for a reliable auto shipping company, many customers are not aware that there is more involved in their decision, that there are actually different carrier types within the auto shipping industry. The trucks offered by most of the medium sized to large transport companies are not just the big trucks with big trailers that haul a bunch of cars. The car owner who prefers not to endure the stress involved in driving his car long distances himself needs to educate himself on the more technical aspects of the auto shipping industry.

Since air and water shipment are a business unto themselves, we are not dealing with that here. We are concentrating on domestic auto shipping within one country’s borders, usually over land, in either open or closed carrier transport. When visualizing such a vehicle, the long, many tiered, open truck with trailer comes to mind. This is the most commonly seen type of vehicle on the road today and is a safe and reliable means to ship a vehicle requiring no special attributes. Long distance transportation though is probably better carried out with closed carriers. Cars in open carriers are exposed to the vagaries of weather, road dirt, and vandals, thieves and hijackers. When looked at in this way, even with short distances the open carrier may be the right choice. Of course, you have made sure that your vehicle is covered by insurance, preferably the company’s rather than your own. But even with that, settling the claim you make because your 1928 Duisenberg was a scratched up pile of mud on arrival is not something to look forward to.

In fact, that Duisenberg owner probably shipped it in a closed carrier, like most owners of rare, expensive, or vintage cars. But that shouldn’t keep owners of Fords and Chevys from considering this means of transport too. Yes, it is more expensive than open carrier transport because the closed-type cannot carry as many vehicles, only 2 to 4 units, and is itself more expensive to buy than the open one.

The essence of open carrier shipping is its cost advantage. Driving a car yourself a long distance to its final destination will probably cost you more than hiring it done by an auto shipper, because of the cost of gas, repairs on route, possible damage to the vehicle, and the differing traffic laws of states that are you not aware of. The cost of shipping your car is at very least a known factor.

Anybody has almost certainly seen an open auto transport truck and that only speaks in its favor as a reliable, well controlled means. They are about 80 feet long and 14 feet high, and are allowed only on roads built to accommodate them and keep them away from low trees and low bridges. Factories routinely entrust batches of new products to be shipped to stores and showrooms.

The open transport method is likely to offer more flexibility in time frames and perks. Also, a customer of an open carrier can specify where he wants he car located on the truck, whether top tier to keep it further away from ill-intentioned humans, or even towed behind the truck keeping it away from other vehicles.

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