Overland Park Car Detail Shop Explains How To Clean Your Wheels

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Would you like some does, don’ts and tips on how to keep your wheels looking professionally detailed? There are some cool tricks, tips and some major warnings when comes to getting your rims detailed and looking new.

Using acid-based wheel cleaners makes detailing a lot quicker and easier but it’s not a good idea. These cleaners will not only cause long-term damage to the coating of your wheels and the rubber of the tire but will potentially cause very serious immediate damage.

Remember when you told your mom “Mooooom everyone else is doing it” and she replied “if everyone else started jumping off of cliff would you?” Just because the majority of auto detailing shops in Overland Park, KS are using these harsh cleaners doesn’t mean it is something that should be done. Though your wheels are normally going to be coated with a very durable coating, acid will eat through it or fade it very quick. The local Overland Park, KS car detailing shops use it because they are cheaper and way faster than using the proper car detailing equipment and chemicals.

Citrus based cleaners. That’s right. A good automotive detailing citrus style wheel cleaner should work amazing. In fact, the right citrus cleaner will work amazingly for cleaning bugs and tar from your paint as well as removing nasty brake dust from your rims. It will take more work than just using acid-based but it’s absolutely worth it.

As opposed to acid cleaners, the citrus product is an effective and safe product used by auto detailing companies. Not only does citrus get rid of the long-term and the short-term damage issue but it actually works really well. Finding the right one can be a little tricky though. However, It is worth the effort. Now that the wheels are all cleaned up, it’s time to talk about protecting them.

Would you like to save time on your following detail? Want to be able to shine up and clean your rims by simply pressure washing them off the next time around? Go ahead and apply a wheel sealant. It is like a wax but for your wheels. The results are nothing short of impressive.

Do you like your tires to look mat, glossy or wet? All you have to do is scrub completely clean them with citrus degreaser, let them dry off then dress them. It doesn’t matter how great a car’s wheels look if the tires are brown, dirty or dry.

If you need anymore info on how to maintain your wheels, feel free to get ahold of us. Even though our main service is Overland Park, Kansas auto detailing, we can help you get in touch with a good detailer in your area.

The Overland Park, Kansas auto detailing scene is full of good and bad detailers. Find the best car detail shop in Overland Park.

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