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I’ve been running for 16 years, so it is surprising that the Polar FT40 was my very first heart rate monitor! I’d held off buying one because I always loved to take my personal heart rate the great “old Fashioned” way. Nevertheless, I have started training for my first marathon, and my personal running pals all said I needed the FT40, so I required the plunge. After using it for one 30 days, I certainly have some views about it’s performance.

Seeing some coronary heart monitors in my day, I must say that the appearance of this model impressed me personally right from the start. It flat out appears stylish and appealing. I got the green flower design, nevertheless beige as well as grey are also available.

The watch also features a very sturdy quality, which is great because I’ve got a habit of dropping things. It is constructed mainly of plastic, however it is the type of plastic that is in no way delicate.

I love the truth that I can input my physical data to the unit, and it’ll create individual training applications based on my personal fitness goals. I’ve different types of instruction that I perform on various days, therefore separate programs is a must.

As I exercise, the Polar FT40 monitors and stores crucial information regarding my personal workout overall performance. Information such as average heartbeat, total calories burned, etc. are stored for approximately my final 16 workout routines.

In addition, the data can be submitted to the Polar website, and that i can view this on a graph. This is an excellent feature to see how I am advancing. It is also extremely good motivation!

An additional feature which will help me keep track of my level of fitness is the Five minute health and fitness test. It is an integrated function, which is similar to a VO2 maximum test. Essentially, it helps figure out lung capacity. Lung capacity should increase with regular exercise.

Lastly, the actual FT40 has the options that come with a traditional watch, so I really wear it all the time! I also use the stopwatch function when I period my splits.

In conclusion, for those who have a special individual on your Christmas list who loves to exercise, you may consider astonishing them with the Polar FT40!

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