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In most cases, Jiffy Lube prices are on par while using other national and regional chains round the country. Regardless of whether it is for that traditional 3,000 mile or 3-month recommended change otherwise you opt to go with the high-performance package, it’ll pretty much be in line using what other competitors in the oil change industry will charge. Now, there are a few factors to keep in mind that can have a bearing on Jiffy Lube prices.

For example, Jiffy Lube prices come in large part going to be affected by what area of the country you are in. If you are in Southern California or New York or Chicago, you might be obviously going to pay greater than if you were somewhere out in Wyoming. Just because the cost of living is higher in some areas, the wages paid are also going to be higher. That factors into everything across the board from the price of food to services rendered. Its the nature of the game.

However, you will discover numerous ways to keep Jiffy Lube prices at a minimum, at least get a discount. The first thing you want to do is check your local newspaper, along with any weeklies distributed in your area such as Thrifty Nickel and the Pennysaver. More often absolutely nothing, you are going to find coupons good for a discount at a Jiffy Lube in your town. Do read the fine print though; because sometimes the discount is only good at a certain location locally.

Say for example, there are 3 or 4 in your county. The discount might just be good at the Jiffy Lube on 123 Main Street and not the mediocre ones. Another thing you can do is go to Google and type Jiffy Lube discount along with the date maybe location. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out what might pop up. Often you could wind up discovering discounts and deals that aren’t mentioned in the mainstream media.

So, as far as actual Jiffy Lube prices go, well, they’re not etched in stone since they vary by geographic location. But, do assured that Jiffy Lube prices are definitely competitive with other chains. And after a little due diligence and digging around you should be capable of geting a hold of some discount coupons for particular Jiffy Lube services, especially their Signature Oil Change, that is what most customers are going to be heading there for anyway.

One little important tip in closing. Another means for getting lower Jiffy Lube prices has been to call your local Jiffy Lube and ask to speak to the manager. Sometimes they may be happy to offer you a discount just for bringing your business their way. Do not overlook this sometimes effective tactic.

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