Quick Tips For Hypermiling

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A little extra care here and there when it comes to your car, and you’ll find yourself saving loads of money – not just on repairs, but on fuel as well!

Give your engine a regular tune up. A misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 30 percent. So much for saving up. Follow the service schedules listed in your owner’s manual. Change oil and replace your filters as indicated.

It may not always be convenient given today’s hectic lifestyle. But all it takes is a little initiative to get this done. Now if you visit your dealer and they charge you the sun and the moon for a tune-up, you’ll want to ask someone else for their rates. They can do the same service schedule, usually at a greater savings to you.

These tune-ups not only keep your car running smoothly, but they’ll help when you’re ready for a newer vehicle. This too could benefit you if you’re trading in your vehicle with a new one.

Check your tires for proper inflation. If your tires lack air, this can hurt your mileage. Your car’s engine will have to put in more effort to get it running. Wheels that are out-of-line (as evidenced by uneven tread wear or vehicle pulling) make the engine work harder, too. Keep those tires inflated properly, and you will save when you fill up.

Drive gently. Avoid sudden accelerations and the jerky stop-and-go routine. Cruise control can be your best friend when there’s no traffic on the highway, as it could steady your driving speed.

Don’t leave your car on idle for too long. Shut off your car’s engine if you’re waiting for somebody. Today’s vehicles are designed to “warm up” fast, so there’s no need to warm your car up for half an hour on cold winter mornings. Your air conditioning system also needs to be in the best of shape.

Remove any dead weight from your vehicle. You can get better fuel economy if there’s less in your vehicle. Storing luggage in the trunk rather than on the roof reduces air drag. All these little things add up.

Plan your daily errands to eliminate unnecessary driving. And to avoid stop-and-go situations, it’s best to travel when you know there isn’t much traffic.

Finally, you can be part of a car pool. At least, ask if someone wants to share a ride if you’re just headed one place and then back.

This may not have something to do with improving mileage per se, but it’s always best to properly get rid of old parts or dispose of old fluids. So take good care of your baby! Go the extra mile for it, and it will run the extra miles for you!

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