Ride-On Toys And Why They Are Popular Among Kids And Teens

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Ride-on toys are extremely well-liked by kids and teenagers alike. With toddlers and school age children, these wheeled toys will aid them in developing balance and coordination. At the same time, the pretend element that these toys provide allows young kids to imitate their older siblings who are riding their bikes and scooters in a safe way. For teens and young adults, skateboards, bikes, and miniature motorized vehicles provide them with an outlet for their competitive spirit and youthful energy. For many teenagers, these wheeled equipment or products give them a sense of identity as well.[youtube:caaezBkB7x4;[link:pocket mod];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caaezBkB7x4&feature=related]

Razor is one of the most recognizable brands for these ride-on toys and small motorized vehicles. One of their most popular products these days is the Razor Pocket Mod miniature euro electric scooter. The Razor pocket mod scooter looks like Vespas and Lambrettas which are vintage scooters manufactured in Italy since the 1940s and the 1970s, respectively. These two Italy-made scooters have become classics and are well-loved all over the world.

The Pocket Mod is equipped with an electric motor, run on a rechargeable battery, and can go for 15 miles per hour. When fully charged, the Razor Pocket Mod scooter can run for ten miles continuously, and is thus a great way to tour around your neighborhood. The Pocket Mod has large pneumatic tires which ensure a smooth ride and a very responsive twist-grip acceleration control. The said mod scooter comes in various colors, although only four colors are shown on Razor’s online store. The variants available on the website may give the impression that Pocket Mod is for young girls since the colors are limited to shades of purple, magenta, or pink. Actually, this scooter is available in Black and Red which are perfect for young guys.

The Razor Pocket Mod miniature euro electric scooter is recommended for riders ages 13 and older as long as they do not exceed the weight limit of 170 lbs. This makes the Pocket Mod also useful even for college students who wish travel around campus quickly and effortlessly, provided of course they fit comfortably on the said scooter.

However, it must be remembered that while riding these toys or small vehicles can be a source of great fun, it can still be a hazardous activity. There is always that chance of you getting hurt from accidents. Injuries, even fatalities, can occur when using these toys, so great care should be taken when using them. Last but not least, be familiar with any local laws which identify which areas these wheeled equipment or miniature vehicles can be operated on. It is highly discouraged to ride these scooters in areas where pedestrian traffic is present.

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