Save Gas Money With These Five Tips

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It may sound impossible to save at the gas station these days, but yes, it still can be done. And the best way you can do this is by making changes to the way you drive before you arrive at the gas station.

Some people would shut off their engines or make turns without the use of power to save on gas costs – this isn’t safe to do. You don’t have to do anything that’s potentially unsafe to save gas. These are simple, safe ways to conserve gas and save money:

Refrain from idling with the motor turned on. If you dash into a convenience store, don’t leave the motor running. Turn it off as well if you’re driving to school to pick up your children. Park your car and get some exercise by walking to the school or soccer field. This is also a good way to stay in shape.

When driving to work or to school or to buy groceries, find out the route that would save you the most gas. You may save on distance by taking Main Street, but not on gas with all those traffic lights. Instead, you can take a back route at a slower pace but save some gas in the process.

Plan your itinerary for more than just one stop. Before you drive across town and potentially save about five bucks, think this decision over first. Since you may be driving a longer distance, you may end up spending more in the long run.

Don’t slam on the brakes, slide on them. Take your foot off the accelerator when braking and let your car slow down until it stops. It may sound “cool”, but slamming on the brakes is a more gas-guzzling move than simply gliding on them instead. It also results in increased tire wear.

A well-maintained car operates more efficiently on less gas. Tune your engine and have your oil changed regularly. Using the right type of oil at the proper levels could save a lot of money on your gas expenses.

And in the event that your engine has difficulty running properly, you can have it scanned to ensure that there are no problems with the ignition, fuel pump and valve timing. A regular tune-up routine is more affordable than spending more on gas due to the added wear and tear caused by not having the car tuned up.

Adapt a smooth and easy driving style. As we mentioned, it all begins with changing your driving habits if you wish to improve your car’s fuel economy and save on gas. When the light turns green, gradually accelerate instead of doing a Dale Earnhardt Jr. (or Michael Schumacher) and taking right off. Don’t apply pressure on the gas pedal if your car is moving downhill. Reduce your use of the air conditioner. And before turning on the air conditioner, open the windows to release hot air.

You will need to track several things when filling up – the total mileage on your odometer, the price per gallon of your last gas-up, and the amount of gas in your tank. To find out which tips work for you the best, be very observant of your gas usage.

Or how about monitoring the prices of gas as you drive to work or to school? Instead of filling up at the highway entrance or main street, you could get better prices if you opt for a gas station a few blocks away.

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