Six Quick Ways To Save The Earth Through Auto Maintenance

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One of the rising trends in the auto industry is the increase in the number of hybrid cars and other vehicles that do not run on fossil fuel.

But you don’t need to have old batteries lying around or buy a different vehicle to protect the environment. All you really need in the playbook of environmental consciousness are two “sets” of “plays” – maintaining your vehicle and practicing good driving habits.

Here are the “plays”, or should we say tips that could help you score a touchdown in the field of Earth-friendly auto maintenance. The first tip would be to make sure your car’s engine is in top condition at all times. Perform regular vehicle maintenance at the intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. And make sure you have your engine checked in an expedient manner if you see the “check engine” light.

You can find several auto repair shops, hopefully trustworthy ones, by relying on friends and family members’ suggestions, or combing the ‘net for results. Check the air pressure in your car’s tires regularly. Underinflated tires require your engine to work harder and use more fuel to maintain a given speed.

Don’t have your car’s air conditioning serviced by just any Joe Blow in the neighborhood – the technicians must be properly certified to handle automotive AC systems. Older air conditioning systems contain ozone-depleting chemicals that could be released into the atmosphere.

Speaking of older cars and dangerous chemicals, some of them have switches that contain mercury that are used to activate lighting systems. However, you can have this substance eliminated from your vehicle, as many shops have “mercury switch out” programs that allow you to change these switches for those that are made out of more environmentally friendly substances.

Avoid “jack rabbit” starts, sudden acceleration and speeds above the posted limits; all of these habits guzzle gas.

You will eventually need to change batteries and fluids – do so in the right way. Call your local government waste management agency to find out how. Engine fluid should never be disposed on the ground, because it could make its way to nearby bodies of water, resulting in pollution.

If you follow the tips above and make sure you are driving environmentally safe, then you will be rewarded with an automobile that will last the long haul while not doing anything harmful to Mother Nature. In other words, when you “go green,” the Earth wins, your car wins — and you are the biggest winner of all!

If you require preventative maintenance, AAA Carolinas will deliver the best performance for your vehicle.

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