Some excellent first time cars from amid the Ford range

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It is so good to be able to look forward to a life of greater independence when you begin learning to drive in preparation for your test. Driving is something that most people determine to do at some point because they recognise how large an effect it has on their independence from day to day.

It is hard to suppress the excitement of passing your driving test and there is no reason why you should, but you do need to get yourself a decent car to use once you have a full license to show off. Reliability and value are the key considerations for new drivers who don’t have big money to spend.

Used Ford cars represent a very good place to begin your search. This is because used Ford cars are inexpensive and they represent a fantastic alternative to new Ford cars, which are fantastic but command a retail price that may be beyond you. Ford cars are built to last so their being used is no hindrance.

The used Ford car range tends to include a number of cars that are particular favourites with new drivers because they cater to their needs so well. If you prioritise value, fun and handling then it is probably best to start your search with some of the more compact cars out there.

The most compact Ford car on the second hand market that you will come across is likely to be used Ford Ka. These cars are great for people who have only just learnt to drive because they are pretty undemanding of their drivers and they exhibit great reliability and efficiency.

A used Ford Fiesta is another option and you will come across plenty of these on your search. The Fiesta is something of a classic in the compact category and it always exhibits fantastic quality. A Ford car dealer can show you the range of cars out there that might suit you.

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